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我是房屋仲介/I am a real estate agent

Submitted by Jenny on Thu, 03/10/2016 - 09:53

賣房子有關單字real estate related vocabulary words今天的主題是賣房子,讓孩子們參考一張賣房屋的宣傳單,假設自己是房屋仲介,自己設計賣房子的宣傳單,從這當中,發揮自己的想像力,練習跟房子有關的單字,訓練了賣房子的口條,生動有趣的活動!  

開始規劃傳單starting to design the flyerToday's topic is real estate selling.  Kids got to make real estate flyers for themselves.  Pretending they are the real estate agents, they designed their own real estate flyers.  With a little creativity,  the kids learned the vocabulary words related to Real Estate field, practiced talking about the real estate they were selling.  What a fun English learning class!










Real Estate Flyer需要一些實體家具Need some furniture