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免費7~9歲寶貝中英文和英文故事時間 Free 7 to 9 year old Bilingual and Full English Story Time

Submitted by Jenny on Mon, 08/15/2011 - 21:31

Mystery House
有一天,Sandy got ready and took bus to work like all the other days. When she got to the office, she started her daily routine. She opened the clinic door and started making coffee. She hummed while she opened the curtains and watered the plants. Next, she walked over to Dr. Paul’s consulting room and opened the door. “AH...” she screamed!!! She saw Dr. Paul laying on the ground and tried to wake him up! She found that he......

想知道故事的後續是如何發展的嗎? 到底Dr. Paul怎麼了?
日期:8月28日 (日) 下午1:30 (雙語)、 3:30 (全英文)

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