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水之聲 & 雞肉漢堡

Submitted by Nicca on Mon, 09/24/2012 - 17:28

1. Sound of water
high(高), low(低), pitch(音調), sound(聲音), wine glass(玻璃酒杯), water(水), more(多), less(少), pour(倒)

Is it a high pitch?
Is it a low pitch?
Can you make a high pitch sound?
Please make a low pitch sound.

2. Pan fried chicken burger
pan, chicken, tomato, onion, cheese, catchup, bun, olive oil, water, starch(番薯粉), salt

Please dice the tomato.
Can I have a white plate, please?
May I have a cup of milk?
Is it yummy?
May I have one more (burger)?
I'm full.