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2/25(六) & 3/3(六) 課程取消通知

Submitted by Nicca on Tue, 02/21/2012 - 15:30

Dear Parents and kids,
Due to the fact that many families are out of town for the 4-day holiday this weekend, all the classes will be canceled this Saturday. Also, kids need to go to school next Saturday (3/3), therefore, the class will be canceled as well. We will miss you guys so much.

由於本周末4天的連續假期, 很多的寶貝們都和爸比麻咪出遊, 故周六(2/25)活動課程將取消。 而下周六(3/3)很多孩子都必須到學校上課, 所有課程也都得取消。 我們會很想念你們的。 ♥