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20160126 Winter Break Activity/20160126 寒假活動

Submitted by Jenny on Wed, 01/27/2016 - 09:17

The weather was getting warmer! We went to school's field to run around and exercise. Then, we worked on reading, made Italian meatball and pasta for lunch, and played board games in the afternoon!!  天氣回溫啦!  我們跑去學校操場享受溫暖陽光呢!然後,我們挑戰閱讀故事書,自己做義大利肉丸醬麵,下午是我們玩捉遊的好時光。



20160125 Winter Break Activity/20160125 寒假活動

Submitted by Jenny on Tue, 01/26/2016 - 10:40

語言家第一天就過得很多采多姿,因為天氣很冷,我們在教室裡做運動,讀有趣的英文故事書,做美勞,還有美食(chicken burrito當午餐),還有自己做蛋塔!  錯過的朋友們,下次要跟我們一起喔!

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