The importance of self-esteem 自信的重要性

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文章源自:Child Development Institute

Self-esteem is a major key to success in life. The development of a positive self-concept or healthy self-esteem is extremely important to the happiness and success of children and teenagers.

自信是生活中要成功的一個要件。 對孩子和青少年而言,要快樂和成功發展正向的主觀意識或健康的自信是非常重要的。

Self-esteem is how we feel about ourselves, and our behavior clearly reflects those feelings. For example, a child or teen with high self-esteem will be able to:

語言家八月活動-Language Plus Living Space August Calendar of Events

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8/19 English Activity for Kids (兒童英文活動) - Make Mini-Lanterns! (迷你天燈製作)
Time: 2:00-3:00 PM (下午 2:00 到 3:00)
Age: 5-8 years old (5到8歲)
Description: It's almost time for school to start! As we hand-make our mini-lanterns, let us pray that this new school term will be one of peace, health, and happiness for our children. (快開學了,讓我們一起親手製作天燈,祈求在新的學期裡,孩子們都可以平安健康的長大及快樂的學習。)

免費4~6歲寶貝英文故事時間 Free English Story Time for 4 to 6 years old

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日期:8月13日 (六) 上午10:00點 (雙語故事時間)
8月14日 (日) 上午10:00點 (全英語故事時間)
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