AGB Lifesaver Medical Alarms

Medical Alert Systems and Service that Seniors and Caring Families Can Trust

How Medical Alarm Service Works

A combination of technology, training and an established protocol provides the foundation for the appropriate response and service you can depend on when you subscribe to AGB Lifesaver Medical Alarms, LLC. There is a four(4) step protocol, that Clients can expect to be followed, when they use our Medical Alarm Service.

  1. Summon Help - When you need help, simply press the Personal Help Button, which will transmit a wireless Base Unit and Wireless Transmittersignal activating the Base Unit Communicator.
  2. Professional Intervention - The Base unit will automatically dial and then connect to the Customer Care Center.
    Two way communication is automatically established between you and the Monitoring Center.
  3. Personal Response - Within seconds of pressing your personal help button a Personal Care Attendant will communicate with you and access your Personal Profile from our database, which will include your address, health conditions and responder information including the phone numbers for Police,Fire, and EMS.
    • The Personal Care Attendant will ask if you need help and how you would like to be assisted if you do need help. If help is needed, the personal care attendant will then contact a neighbor, friend or relative, or an emergency service based on your specific needs.

If for any reason you cannot speak or are not heard by the Personal Care Attendant, it will be assumed that you do need help and a responder (usually a friend, neighbor or relative) will be contacted and asked to go to your residence to determine why the personal care button was pressed. We ask that all responders live within minutes of your home and that they have keys to your home, so that they may respond quickly.

      4.  Closed Incident - The personal care attendant will follow up to make sure that help has arrived and that your needs have been met.  Next of kin will also be contacted and apprised of your status if your profile requires notification.

Our Medical Alarm Unit is so advanced that it will automatically self-test once per month to verify that the unit is working properly!

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