Well Received

Submitted by Jenny on Tue, 02/07/2012 - 10:35

When I send an email, I often get a response like this:
Dear Jenny,
Your email is well received. Thank you.

So, I often wonder what my corespondent meant by his/her email reply. Does he mean this is a confirmation of receiving my email or he had shared my email with other people and it receives good feedback? After a while, I finally figured out that what they meant is they have received my email "well" not my email is "well received."

So, you may ask what we should write when you want to tell your correspondent that you have received their email? A simple "thank you" or a short note saying "I have received your email" will do.

當我收到一封電子郵件時, 我常收到這樣的回覆, 然而我常在想, 我的收信方回覆的是什麼意思。 他是指這是封收到我電子郵件的確認信呢, 還是他和別人分享我寄給他的郵件, 並獲得好的回應。 一陣子後, 我終於理解他們的意思了, 他們指得是他們收到了我的郵件, 而非我的郵件好好的被接收了。 所以, 你可能會問, 當你要你的接收方告知你他們收到郵件,我們應該寫什麼, 其實一個簡單的『謝謝。』, 或是簡單的訊息告知『我收到你的郵件了。』就可以了。