Factors That Influence Children's Reading Skills 影響孩子們閱讀技巧的原因

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Ref: Jennifer Elrod, eHow Contributor

孩子從出生就開始學語言了。 當他們成長及發展, 語言變成較為重要。 當他們到了學齡前, 孩子應該要學字母與其發音, 而學習發音是閱讀的基礎。 有許多的事情是可以影響您的孩子的閱讀技巧, 當一個家長或是教育家, 知道如何做來幫助孩子改善閱讀技巧是極為有助益的。

孩子閱讀練習的量影響著她們的閱讀技巧程度, 學生獲得較多的一對一教導, 他們的閱讀技巧更佳。 教導應該含發音、 常用辭彙與流暢度的練習。 當老師每天集中在閱讀技巧上, 學生學生的字彙及獲得較好的閱讀理解力。 學生也應該練習閱讀, 每天的閱讀會大大改善他們的閱讀技巧。 回答關於其科目的問題將測試他們是否聽進並理解讀的內容, 這方式學生知道閱讀是有意義及知識性的, 而非只是需要念出的一堆音。

家中有許多適齡書籍可以影響他的閱讀技巧, 對他有興趣並隨手可及的書籍可以幫助孩子有感激閱讀的觀念。 書籍應該被視為很享受及有樂趣的東西, 當孩子家中有書, 他們較願意坐下來閱讀。 父母可以鼓勵、 應該鼓勵欣賞閱讀, 睡前閱讀一本書給孩子聽是一個很棒的方式來分享閱讀的愛。 他也可以讀給你聽, 來練習他的閱讀技巧。

Children start learning language from birth. As they grow and develop, language becomes more important. By the time they reach preschool age, children should be learning the letters of the alphabet, as well as the letter sounds. Learning to sound out words is the foundation of reading. There are many things that can influence your child's reading skills. As a parent or educator, knowing what to do to help improve a child's reading skills is extremely beneficial.

*Amount of Instruction and Practice

The amount of reading practice children get influences their reading skill level. The more one-on-one instruction students receive, the better their reading skills are. Instruction should consist of teaching phonics, sight words and fluency practice. As teachers focus on reading skills every school day, students learn new vocabulary words and get better at reading comprehension. Students should also practice reading. Daily reading will greatly improve their reading skills. Answering questions about the subject matter will test to see if they are listening and comprehending what is being read. This way the students understand that reading is something that holds meaning and knowledge, not just a cluster of sounds that need to be sounded out.

*Age-Appropriate Books at Home

The number of age-appropriate books in a child's home can influence his reading skills. Access to books that interest him will help develop a sense of reading appreciation. Books should be seen as something enjoyable and fun. When children have books in their home, they are more likely to sit down and read them. Parents can and should encourage an appreciation for reading. Reading a book to your child before bedtime is a great way to share the love of reading. He can also read to you to practice his reading skills