AGB Lifesaver Medical Alarms

Medical Alert Systems and Service that Seniors and Caring Families Can Trust

What is Medical Alarm Service

Medical Alarm Systems are also known as Personal Emergency Response Systems or Medical Alert Systems. A Medical Alarm System has two working parts a Base Unit and a Wireless Transmitter (Personal Help Button). Medical Alarm Service has the added components of a 24 hour monitoring center and an installation and service office.Base Unit and Wireless Transmitter

  1. The Base Unit or Console, which has a built in two way speakerphone and simply connects to an AC outlet and your phone jack.
  2. A Wireless Transmitter, which is also known as a Pendant or Personal Help Button, which may be worn around your neck or wrist, is waterproof and may be worn at all times.
  3. The Monitoring Center, which will receive a signal/alert from the base unit after you press your Personal Help Button. Two way communication, through the built in two way speakerphone in the Base Unit will be established automatically in just seconds after the Monitoring Center receives your alarm signal or medical alert.

Medical Alarm Systems are a proven technology. Medical Alarm Service has been in use throughout the United States for over 30 years and has benefited millions of people. In the United States, medical alarm service is regularly recommended by doctors, hospitals, and professional caregivers.

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